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          Teaching Measurements and Instrumentation

          Through an understanding of measurements, students can visualize and analyze the performance of engineering projects and systems. Build a foundation for improved student understanding with an educational approach where students can easily acquire and automate measurements.

          Rethinking Measurement and Instrumentation Education

          The complexity of the modern engineering laboratory requires students to build an understanding of signal processing, data acquisition, and sampling theory to apply skills to various electrical and mechatronics systems. Universities globally, including the University of Manchester, the University of Waterloo, and the Georgia Institute of Technology, are developing improved experiences for students to gain such measurement-driven insights with results that include improved student satisfaction and retention.

          Featured Content

          Products and Solutions

          Measurement labs for teaching electronic and automated measurements curriculum for students to learn the fundamentals of measure pressure, force, temperature, and other physical phenomena.
          Labs for Teaching Measurements and Instrumentation

          Begin to interface with sensors and actuators using these measurements labs for NI ELVIS.

          Software Solutions

          Which License Is Right for You?

          Give your?team and your students?access to the software they need when they need it. Offered?in a variety of?types and sizes, NI Academic Site Licenses include?the?software, training, and services you need to accelerate discovery in and out of the classroom.