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          Academic Research

          Researchers and scientists are rapidly accelerating discovery at the pace of innovation using the NI platform for measurement, control and design.

          Accelerate Discovery With the NI Platform

          Researchers are driving time-critical, ambitious innovation while addressing grand engineering challenges in the broad areas of transportation, wireless communications, medicine, energy and climate change. Across each of these application areas, researchers need to easily acquire measurements, scale to complex multidisciplinary systems, and rapidly prototype a scalable solution. NI is central to accelerating researcher innovation by providing the technology and support to prototype systems, publish findings and secure funding.

          Research Application User Handbooks

          The NI Platform Helps Researchers Develop Solutions for the Future

          Application Resource

          Research Webinar Series

          The ideas, theories, and prototypes that start in academic research labs scale to complex applications and eventually impact our lives as commercial products. Explore these on-demand webinars to learn how fellow researchers use the NI platform to accelerate a broad variety of research and discovery.